1. Yoko Ono is an avant-garde artist, writer and activist. Known for her marriage to John Lennon (The Beatles) and their collaborative work together as The Plastic Ono Band, Yoko Ono is also responsible for bringing feminism to the forefront of her music, which predated and influenced New Wave. Surviving the great fire bombing on March 1945 in Tokyo, Ono went from a well-to-do life to a poor lifestyle where she and her family were forced to beg for food while pulling their belongings in a wheelbarrow. She eventually moved to New York and attended Sarah Lawrence College. She heavily participated in the bohemian art scene, creating her own avant-garde pieces. Later on, she was heavily involved in peace activism, staging a highly publicized “bed-in” for peace with Lennon. Ono was married twice before meeting and marrying John Lennon, and has two children, Kyoto and Sean. To this day, she continues to create art and fight for peace and human rights. - Christina Dore

    Illustration by Ginny Maki