1. Robyn by Cristy C. Road

    Robyn is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter who first earned fame in the nineties with hits such as “Show Me Love,” “Do You Know What It Takes?” and “Do You Really Want Me? (Show Respect).” After a few releases, Robyn founded Konichiwa Records where she was able to express her creativity more freely. In a NME interview, Robyn explains her feminist values, but her reluctance to delve into politics in her art: “I am true to myself, and that means I don’t make political music, but it means I make music from a girl perspective…I’m a feminist, but I’m very cautious of shouldering any kind of role model role. Maybe I’m being a coward and it’s a sign of the times, where people my age are too ironic and too fed up with our parents being super-political.”

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