1. Meghan Minior by Ramsey Beyer

    "I chose to draw Meghan Minior of Ampere fame. Unlike Michelle, I didn’t know Meghan during my formative punk years. I honestly didn’t even listen to her bands back then. I met Meghan this year when I was riding along on tour with Bad Banana and Sourpatch (two really rad bands filled with wonderful people, check them out!). Meghan booked their Western Mass show at the Flywheel, a collectively run community arts space in Easthampton, MA. Everyone was excited to get to Western Mass to hang out with Meghan, and after meeting her myself, I could see why. I’m always especially inspired when I meet older punk women who are still so actively involved with punk after having participated in it for years and years. Meghan has played in several bands (including Foreign Objects, currently), books and promotes shows around Western Mass, and volunteers at the Flywheel Collective. I guess sometimes I’m secretly surprised and excited when I meet older women who are still stoked on punk, because there are all sorts of reasons any of us could have dropped out by now. Punk isn’t and hasn’t always been the mostly woman friendly. For a lot of us, it’s been an uphill battle to feel like we’re just as much a part of this thing as anyone else. I was also really inspired talking to Meghan about the Flywheel Collective. As someone who came into diy through joining an all ages music collective (CCAS), I love finding other people who care about and put energy into creating a welcoming music scene that’s easy for new people to get involved with. Many cities lack an encouraging entry place to get into booking shows, and as a result, their music scenes often feel extremely exclusive and uneasy to penetrate. Here’s an interview with Meghan talking about working with the Flywheel Collective.” - Ramsey Beyer

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