1. Lauren Denitzio by Liz Prince

    "Besides thinking that the Measure(SA) and Worriers are 2 of the better pop punk bands around, I chose Lauren because of how active she is the scene. She is a member of the NYC based feminist collective For The Birds, curated the "Are You With the Band?" compilation album (all female fronted pop punk bands, with all proceeds going towards Planned Parenthood), and is an artist and zinester. How cool can one lady be?" - Liz Prince

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    ahhhh i love these i’m dying
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    Hey! I drew this one also! Did you know that Lauren’s current band WORRIERS is super great?
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    This is rad! I’m so amped to get my deck of cards and a print of Exene!
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    So: 1) I want that mug! 2) Liz Prince drew this and is awesome 3) I don’t own anything remotely like that shirt, but it...
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