1. Kathleen Hanna  is an American musician and feminist that was the lead singer in the riot grrrl group, Bikini Kill (which recently started their own record label) and later, in Le Tigre. Recently, Hanna has been recording and performing under The Julie Ruin. In the 2006 documentary, Don’t Need You: the Herstory of Riot Grrrl, Hanna elaborates on the effect feminism had on her in childhood, recalling that her interest grew when her mother checked out a copy of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique from the library. In college, she worked as a stripper to support herself and her photography passion. She also performed spoken word, addressing issues such as sexism and violence against women. Later, her band Bikini Kill became one of the first riot grrrl bands that promoted political awareness, a DIY ethic and local collaboration and support. Hanna continued her work with Le Tigre and now with her work as The Julie Ruin, still incorporating the same political and feminist elements that altered the music industry for women. -Christina Dore

    Illustration by Liz Prince

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    While i don’t care much for Kathleen Hanna (and all of her problematic mishaps) this is a really awesome project.
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