1. Grace Jones by Emily Henderson

    We’re sure that when Grace Jones first came snarling through TV sets across the world, people were so confused that they couldn’t look away. We’d like to think that maybe they thought, “Is this some sort of glamazon geechee goddess sent to free me from my preconceived notions about gender?” Maybe they just spent most of their time trying to figure out if the deep-throated song-speak that she is now famous for belonged to a woman or a man. But that’s just Grace Jones. She was all about subverting the binary by mixing typically masculine characteristics with feminine ones that created an awesomely androgynous look and sound that still inspire the fashion and music world today. She spoke through covers where people typically sang, and she even dated a pair of twins at the same time! Grace Jones personified a new way of doing femininity: by aligning it with strength and power. - Brianne Moore

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