1. Corin Tucker by Lauren Denitzio

    What would the Feminist Playing Cards be without a Riot Grrrl? One card too short, that’s what. While attending Evergreen State College, Corin Tucker knew that she wanted to fight for women to have a cultural voice in society. It turns out that the town where she made her home for the following four years, Olympia, was known for a music scene that was strictly for women, cultivated by women. What voices she and her numerous band members have had throughout the years! With the fast-paced, riotous music of Sleater-Kinney and Heavens to Betsy, Corin Tucker and her bandmates became responsible for bringing the Riot-Grrrl Movement out of Washington and into concert halls across the United States. This spurred thousands of young women everywhere to question everything around them and thrash around at sweaty shows to figure it all out. - Brianne Moore

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