1. Carrie Brownstein by Lauren Denitzio

    Carrie Brownstein is an American writer, actress and musician known for her work in the Olympia, Washington based group, Sleater-Kinney, one of the first riot grrrl bands. She also stars in the IFC show Portlandia. At 15, she began learning the guitar and later in her college years, met Kathleen Hanna, Corin Tucker and Tobi Wali. Besides Sleater Kinney, Brownstein has been involved in the bands Wild Flag, Excuse 17 and Heavens to Betsy. Through her projects Brownstein promotes feminism, LGBT rights, human rights and many other political and social causes. In 2006, she was included in Rolling Stone readers’ list of the 25 “Most Underrated Guitarists of All-Time.” 

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