1. Bjork by Martha Rich

    Bjork is an Icelandic actress and singer-songwriter, known for eclectic style and incorporating elements of jazz, electronica, rock, folk and classical music. At 11, she picked up classical piano in school. One of her instructors sent a recording of Bjork singing Tina Charles’ song “I Love to Love” to RUV, then Iceland’s only radio station. The recording was broadcast and attracted the attention of the record label Falkinn. Bjork recorded her first album in 1977, Influenced by punk, jazz and rock, she later formed other groups such as Spit and Snot, Exodus, Jam-80, The Sugarcubes, KUKL and collaborated with many other Icelandic musicians. In 1993, her solo career began with the release of her first album Debut. Since then, Bjork has been nominated for twelve Grammys and is recognized as one of the greatest modern women musicians. In a 2005 interview, Bjork explained she initially did not identify as a feminist, but as she grew older and had a daughter she recognized gender role issues and the traditional expectations of women and became more interested in women’s rights: “I have been noticing how much harder it is for me and my girlfriends to juggle things than it is for men. In the 1990s, there was a lot of optimism: we thought we’d finally sorted out equal rights for men and women … and then suddenly it just crashed. I think this is my first time in all the hundreds of interviews I’ve done, that I’ve actually jumped on the feminist bandwagon…I think now it’s time to bring up all these issues.” - Christina Dore

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