1. BeBe by Citizen A

    After earning the Grammy for Best New Artist and 5 nominations in 2005 with her debut album Pafuera Telarañas, Bebe became one of the most talked about Latin artists of the year. The breakout hit on her debut album? “Malo,” a song that lashes out against domestic violence with flamenco flourishes and a punk underbelly. Who knew that the Grammys appreciated what feminists had to say? We sure didn’t, but we’re glad they want to cheer our team on! But props are owed to Bebe’s talent and courage for using words that were close to her heart instead of fabrications from the pop machine. Her songs defy gender stereotypes and she has always had an androgynous personal style that is even harder to pin down. Known all over the world for her fierce attitude, Bebe makes our hearts swoon and our voices feel heard. - Brianne Moore

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