1. Ari Up by Ginny Maki

    With long limbs and even longer dreadlocks swinging when she howled and tore her clothes up on stage, Ari-Up was the banshee lead singer for seminal all-girl reggae-punk band The Slits. Erupting on the scene in 1977, they changed the standards of what female musicians were capable of with their intensely engaging and chaotic performances. Their debut album, Cut — with its now infamous cover that showcased the band members topless and caked in mud — featured songs that questioned the status quo. Hits like “Shoplifting” and “Typical Girl” forced its listeners to rethink the role of women in modern society. When The Slits lost their frontwoman in 2010 to a secret battle with cancer, artists from all reaches of the music world came out en masse to express their condolences and love. Why? Because Ari lived life on her own terms and inspired countless others to do so with guts, dub, and strength. - Brianne Moore

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