1. Anna Joy Springer by Cristy C. Road

    Here’s a person all the feminist bookworms need to know: Anna Joy Springer, Renaissance punk for the ages. After being the frontwoman of several well-known Bay Area punk bands (The Gr’ups, Blatz, Cipher In The Snow) throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, and a featured member of the rock and roll poetry tour that is Sister Spit, Springer traded in her mic for chalk and decided to teach experimental writing. As an Associate Professor of Literature at UCSD, this visual artist and lover of elephants aims to make her readers ruminate on love and loss with her sprawling tales that combine profane and sacred elements in the best way. Her most recently published book, The Vicious Red Relic, Love, is a fabulist memoir which chronicled the trauma of losing her former partner to suicide after a chaotic struggle with HIV. Read her books and make all of your highly theoretical but beautiful dreams come true. - Brianne Moore

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