1. Ani DiFranco by Andrea Rae Georgas 

    "When I was 18 my friend Colette introduced to me to Ani’s ‘Napoleon’ and ‘Anticipate’ on a mix CD she had floating around in her car. Driving under the hanging moss in Savannah coupled with the streetlights blurring past us Ani’s voice seemed at home. I immediately fell in love with her timing, rhythm and word enunciation. After confining myself to one particular genre of music in high school, I was quick to welcome Ani to my library as a new branch on my still-growing taste(s) tree. Ani’s music was something I would put on when I was in a place somewhere between ‘up’ and ‘down’. As a budding artist, I would find myself between emotions often while working on my pieces and balancing my strange social life. I was able to relate to Ani’s descriptive language and it made it a little bit easier to move forward." - Andrea Rae Georgas

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    Thank you Colette for putting ‘Napoleon’ on a mix CD 7 years ago.
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