1. The latest mix in the Feminist Playing Cards series featuring songs from musicians illustrated on the spades of the deck. Up on Bitch Media!

    Listen here: http://bit.ly/bitchtape2

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  3. sheshredsmag:

    Yo, who want’s to come over and play some Hold ‘Em with a deck of their Feminist Playing Cards? Check out the shredders on some of the cards here. I just want 52 of the Verity Sussman cards!


  4. Feminist Playing Cards featured in Missy Magazine


  5. Feminist Playing Cards featured in I Heart Daily


  6. Design the next Feminist Playing Card deck! 

    details here.


  7. jdpt:

    Icons Playing Poker by Michael DeNicola

    Sarah Jessica Parker. Dolly Parton. Goldie Hawn. Roseanne. Bea Arthur. Susan Sarandon. Diane Keaton. 

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  8. Thanks for adding us to your holiday gift guide for music lovers, Autostraddle!



  9. Our cards are now available at Internationalist Books & Community Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!


  10. Feminist Playing Cards in another holiday gift guide put together by Posture Magazine.

    We might be out of stock of these cards come new years!