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    Icons Playing Poker by Michael DeNicola

    Sarah Jessica Parker. Dolly Parton. Goldie Hawn. Roseanne. Bea Arthur. Susan Sarandon. Diane Keaton. 

    (via skiddysmith)


  2. Thanks for adding us to your holiday gift guide for music lovers, Autostraddle!



  3. Our cards are now available at Internationalist Books & Community Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!


  4. Feminist Playing Cards in another holiday gift guide put together by Posture Magazine.

    We might be out of stock of these cards come new years!


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  6. Feminist Playing Cards featured in Pitchfork’s holiday gift guide! SWEET!



  7. CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry: ‘I will not accept online misogyny’

    Why are female musicians expected to put up with this?


  8. “Somewhere out there, there’s a girl who doesn’t know she can do incredible things, because she hasn’t been exposed to the many women who have. Hopefully projects like this will empower her to know she can do anything.” - Lynn Casper, project director of Feminist Playing Cards in Wilma Magazine.


  9. "Besides being distractingly awesome to look at, you’ll also learn about amazing, fearless women who have rocked, crooned and yelled across the decades. Call it a extremely compact work of art or a novel way to get a music education, any way you cut, shuffle or deal it, Feminist Playing Cards are the coolest way you’ll EVER play solitaire." - I Heart Daily


  10. BUST Magazine loves our Feminist Playing Cards! They even created their own drinking game with them: NAME THAT FEMINIST! http://bit.ly/1326RM7